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iWatch - The Low Cost Remote Bilge Monitoring System

iWatch by T-CAL

Internet connected bilge pump monitoring system.

At T-Cal  we are all boaters. We know what it's like to be away from your boat for days at a time wondering if everything is alright. This feeling of worry and stress was found to be common among many boaters, and we believe that it doesn't have to be this way.

We knew that it would be easy to make just another internet connected device, with another "small monthly fee", but we agreed that monthly fees were not only annoying, but over time extremely expensive. With this in mind we made an extremely simple to use device, configurable from any device with a wireless internet connection, with no monthly fee what so ever. 

We believe that iWatch is a simple, low frills device, but offers an extrordinary feeling of worry free time away from the boat. Anyone can install the device, with the only connections being to battery power and the included bilge switch. Once iWatch is configured, messages will be sent to your e-mail or cell phone, with the battery voltage and bilge alarm status at a timed interval, and also if either value triggers an alarm condition.

Working with an existing wireless internet connection (available at most marinas), iWatch avoids the monthly costs associated with GSM or "cell phone" based monitoring systems.

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